September 8th, Stockholm

Will you help solve the problems of tomorrow? 
Let's get hackin'


Hackin' is full-day hackathon organized by SSE Business Lab together with Entrpreneurship Society (SASSE), KTH Innovation and KI Innovations, to connect students who want to start their own company in 12 hours.

Great startups are built with diversity and that is why our vision with Hackin' is to connect driven and curious students from multiple disciplins and backgrounds to lay the grounds for great teams. Join 99 other students - from Bachelors to Doctorates and MBAs - and solve the problems of tomorrow. 



This year's theme is CROSSING BORDERS. The topics are Reach Globally, Invent the Future and Challenge Status Quo.

REACH globally

Do you have an idea with the potential of reaching across the Swedish borders? Can your idea affect a large share of the global population? The idea needs to be applicable on another market than Sweden, but doesn't have to be mainstream or have a broad application.


invent the future

Do you have an idea that has never been tried before? Are you crossing the imaginary border of what we believe to be possible? Can you apply something old to a new market? The idea needs to be feasible and not already tested in the market. 


challenge status quo

Do you have an idea that would change the behavior patterns of your consumers? Are you challenging the norm, or what we think we know to be "correct"? The idea needs to have aspects that challenge what we know to be true, but doesn't need to in its entirety.







Registration & Breakfast
Keynote 1: by Rebecca Birge
Keynote 2: by Heidi Harman
Idea Generation and Pitching
Join a Team
Intro to Business Model Canvas and Pitch
Let's get Hackin'
Deadline for submitting Pitch Deck
Pitch for the Investor Jury
Award Ceremony



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KEYNOTE 1: Dare to hear new perspectives

Rebecca Birge

Rebecca is an Anthropologist and Strategist who has been working in multiple interdisciplinary teams and believes the most interesting ideas comes from unexpected collaborations. She is interested in human behavior and interactions as well as adaptation to more digital lifestyles and its effect on people.



Heidi Harman

Heidi Harman is the CEO of Included Works, a startup that promotes increased diversity and inclusiveness through crowdsourced recruitment and formally rewarded job recommendations. Previously, she founded the longest-standing female tech network in Sweden, GeekGirl Meetup, a network for women in STEM, code, design and startups, which now has chapters in 17 countries.

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Viveca Fallenius

Lawyer & Legal Futurist, Synch

Viveca is a lawyer at Synch since 2016 and is responsible for their partnerships with startup hubs. She does presentations on GDPR, diversity in the legal sector and other topics. Sometimes she even organizes group meditation in the office!


Alexa Edström

Marketing & Communications Manager, J12

Currently working as the Marketing and Communications Manager at J12 Ventures. Previous researcher and support writer for the Swedish Startup Manifesto 2.0 at SUP46, intern at Prime Group and Ericsson, project manager of Sweden's largest student entrepreneurial competition – Create Squared, and member of the Unipreneurs Network. BSc double-degree student in Business Administration and Political Science from Stockholm University. Happy to discuss all things marketing, communications, sustainability and execution.


Carl Gärdsell

Co-founder & COO, Superblocks

Obsessed with crypto and blockchain, Carl co-founded and is driving the business side of the deep-tech company Superblocks. He spends his free time co-organizing the largest blockchain meetup group in Sweden called the Decentralized Camp, as well as co-creating a collection of cypher punk inspired crypto art. Before crypto Carl lived in Australia and specialized in portfolio analytics before completing his MSc in International Business (CEMS) at SSE.


Kian Kiani

Lawyer, Synch

Kian is a lawyer at Synch since 2018 and have worked in legal since graduating from Stockholm University (Masters of Laws) in 2013. Kian has also participated in the Global Legal Hackathon in 2018. Ask him about Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Regulatory Law and Data Protection.

Andrew Hennigan

Lecturer, Speaker Coach, Writer

Andrew Hennigan speaks mostly about communicating innovative ideas, influencing skills for entrepreneurs, low overhead speaking for busy people and professional networking for entrepreneurs. He is a speaker coach at TEDxStockholm and a pitch coach/mentor at Startup Weekend and Create Squared. As a writer he does some freelance journalism, mostly about startups, and ghost writes speeches, articles and books for other people. He has also written a book about professional networking

Lucas Langen

Co-founder & CMO, NewGlue

Lucas is the Co-Founder and CMO of NewGlue, an innovative marketplace which offers small businesses quality branding at affordable prices. Lucas formerly worked as a Business Development Executive for media start-up Showt. He holds an MSc in Energy Trade & Finance from Cass Business School.


Charlotta DahlborG

M.Sc., Ph.D. Business Development Coach – DRIVE Incubator Program, KI Innovations

Charlotta is Business Development Coach in the DRIVE Incubator Program at KI Innovations. The DRIVE Incubator is focused on the Life Sciences and the enrolled start-ups are developing ideas in pharma, medtech or e-health. She has worked in the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the last 15 years, both as a researcher, lecturer and entrepreneur.


Josefin Skyttedal

Lawyer, Synch

Josefin is a laywer at Synch since 2018 and have worked in legal since 2013. She graduated from Uppsala University (Masters of Laws) in 2017 and has been awarded Rising Star of the Year by Affärsvärlden Magazine in 2018. Ask her about Commercial Agreements, Data Protection, Corporate Law, Consumer Retail and Intellectual Property.


Philip Jonzon Jarl

Co-founder & CEO, Valuesmatch

Previous CFO for H&M’s production in Bangladesh and later driving the company’s retail expansion in Spain, Philip quit his business career in search for a more meaningful life and purpose. In 2017 he joined forces with SelfLeaders to create Valuesmatch, with the belief that authentic meetings and meaningful relationships is what makes life magical. It’s the world’s first completely values-based dating app with the ambition to challenge today’s superficial dating culture and to help create more meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


Cris Westrell

Co-founder & CEO, NewGlue

For the past 3 years Cris has built NewGlue, an innovative marketplace which offers small businesses quality branding at affordable prices. Cris has more than 10 years of experience in designing and creating brands for small businesses, and has previously been the Creative Director at two award-winning creative agencies in NYC and Stockholm.

Patrik Blomquist

Ph.D. Project Manager, KI Innovations

For the last ten years Patrik has been a business coach at KI Innovations which the innovation support system at KI. He supports researchers and students that like to develop their ideas into sustainable businesses. Previously he’s been working in the pharmaceutical industry. He also holds a PhD in molecular biology from KI.

Organizers & Partners

Hackin' is an initiative by SSE Business Lab organized together Entrepreneurship Society at the Student Association of Stockholm School of Economics as well as KI Innovations and KTH Innovation.

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Organized together with

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Hackin' will take place on September 8th in Stora Salen, Holländargatan 32 in central Stockholm.



While Hackin' is an initiative by SSE Business Lab and organized together with KTH Innovation and KI Innovations, the operations of the event is run by our amazing team.

Julia Delin - COO, SSE Business Lab (Project Leader)

Julia Delin - COO, SSE Business Lab (Project Leader)

Love Dager - Project Leader

Love Dager - Project Leader