Pitch setup


Use the template powerpoint by clicking in the emptly space: hereor use the template for keynote by clicking in the empty space: here it consist of 11 slides, 8 specific points to cover:

  1. Elevator Pitch

  2. Problem

  3. Solution

  4. Customers

  5. Business model

  6. Scalability

  7. Team

  8. Call-to-action

You have 10 seconds per topic, after that, the deck will change slides. They have 80 seconds in total, and after that they have 30 seconds where 1 jury member can ask 1 question and they need to answer before the 30 seconds are up.

Jury criteria:

Theme match – The connection to the theme ”Sustainability” and their explanation of how. 3 sub-topics are: Building circular economies, Promote healthy living and Engaging communities. (Description of each topic can be found in the back).

  1. Viability – The idea’s potential of surviving/work successfully

  1. Feasibility – The idea’s potential of being built

  1. Innovation – How new/innovative the solution is

  1. Collaboration – How the team seems to have collaborated in getting to the final result and how collaborate on stage

  1. Pitch – How the general pitch is performed